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Country music fans listen up… if you are ever going to charter with us, let’s really try to coordinate it with the upcoming Love City Country Music Festival on St. John, USVI. It begins 6 months from today!

Before I get too far into this, I’m going to be upfront and say that I’m not what you’d call an extreme country music fan. Even so, I am still looking forward to this festival! If you are a fan though, I’m sure you’ll recognize some of the artists who are slated to perform:

  • Jerrod Niemann
  • Pat Green
  • Dallas Smith
  • Sunny Sweeney
  • Loving Mary
  • Down Home Band
  • Wheeland Brothers
  • Jesse Rice
  • Levi Lowrey
  • Travis Meadows
  • Kaitlin Weathers

Officially the festival takes place from May 14-16 but, in my opinion, a perfect vacation would begin somewhere around the 10th so that we could first take our guests to the BVI for a few days to enjoy some of the Virgin Islands’ famous attractions. Following that, we’d make our way back to Jost Van Dyke for the kick-off beach party at the Soggy Dollar in White Bay, and then on to St. John for the rest of the concerts and parties.

Sound like your kind of fun? Think that having your own private yacht as a hotel is better than staying in some tiny motel on shore? If so, let us know. Rebecca and I really want to put a charter together for this week and we’d love nothing more than to share our boat with some country music fans from our blog. I know there’s got to be some out there!


  1. Sunny Sweeney? Hmmmmm….. A pseudonym?

  2. Plug it! That’s the way to do it …..gentle tease …get’m in, show’m the best of times. I’d put money down on you filling that week, it’s a sure bet! 🙂

  3. Bob Lemke aka "deckofficer" - Reply

    As I type this, I’ve just finished reading the entire blog in the time frame of your last post. I came across your blog on a google (your “oracle”) search based on “PDQ long passages”, or something like that. To say I was sucked into your blog is an understatement. The page that came up was this current page, so needless to say I needed go back in your cruising history to find the sailing on your PDQ 32. From there I then went to the beginning.

    After learning so much about you Mike, may I be a bit forward and make a prediction? I’m not going to give you a chance to answer, my prediction is that One Love will have even more bookings this season. Michael is no dummy, what he saw in you and Rebecca were a combination of traits (like confidence, yet humble, physically fit like a youngster, with the maturity of age, etc) that combines for success in any endeavor. I’m not dialed into the charter scene, my sea miles are in another facet, but 16 bookings your 1st season is phenomenal IMHO. It is the above traits plus your Internet and social media savvy, and of course the decisions you made for One Love’s first refit for the cruising season all just dovetailed perfectly for that early success.

    I’m your newest follower, because your story will continue to evolve, I plan to keep abreast on both your FB sites, this blog, and your work site.



    • Hello Bob

      Thank you very much for the extremely nice comment! We appreciate all of our readers, and have huge respect for anyone disciplined enough to read the entire blog from the beginning. That takes work! 🙂

      Hoping to stay with us!


  4. Bob Lemke aka "deckofficer" - Reply


    And there is another reason you have so many loyal followers, you take the time to answer all comments.

    On a unrelated topic, doing a google search for “crewed catamaran charters in USVI, BVI” sure shows the hierarchy of the established brokers and operators. After going through about 10 pages of results, no love on finding One Love’s web page. I had better luck with the above inquiry by including “Mike and Rebecca” in the search query. As you probably know, the way a web page works itself up to the vaulted 1st page of results is through searches that result in clicking on that link. I started a forum some years back, and to get it higher in the hierarchy of search engine results I asked the membership if they would on occasion use a search engine to come to the forum instead of their bookmark. Over time it worked. This Zero to Cruising site has search bots crawling all over it, and that is how I found it. Products that you have mentioned on this blog sure show up on search inquires such as Mantus when you type “Mantus anchor review”. Alas, the power of a well cared for blog.


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