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Thankfully, “Atlantic Basin Still Quiet” and “Tropical Cyclone Activity is Not Expected During the Next 48 Hours” is what we have been seeing when we visit the various weather websites each morning. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we had a season with absolutely zero hurricanes in the Atlantic?

Here are a few weather sites that we have bookmarked:

The latter three links are helpful if we are planning on traveling anywhere, which at the moment, we are not. For storm info, we are focusing our attention on the first three.

In spite of there not being any large storms developing, we certainly did get a decent supply of rain yesterday. In fact, yesterday is the second time we have taken the shopping bus into town for groceries and just as we did the week previous, we got totally soaked during our dinghy ride back to our boat. Hopefully we can break that trend next time.

The shopping bus got a tad foggy.

What did we do during all that rain? We hid on the boat, reading, doing small projects and working on the computer. I had plenty of time to edit and upload photos yesterday so if you are starving for pics, check our the various albums that I put on our Facebook Page. Remember, you needn’t even be a Facebook member to view them. If you are however a Facebook user, please “LIKE” us. 🙂

Anchorage: Hog Island, Grenada
Internet on boat with Alfa: Yes. Free.
Internet on boat without Alfa: No.
Internet on shore: NA (but there are various sources)


  1. Thanks to those who have already visited our Facebook page and “LIKED it. We currently have 590 fans… only 410 more until we reach 1000! 🙂

    Also, please feel free to comment on the photos when you are there. We love to read the comments, regardless of whether they are funny or serious.

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  2. I tried looking at your Facebook site. As a non member I can only see six pictures at a time, so soon gave up. I’ve never joined, (value my privacy) and haven’t yet seen a reason to join. Don’t know what the point is. Your blog is good without that! So I seem to be the odd one out! 🙂

    Ah well!



  3. As a “liker” I can’t say what non-FB users see as far as pics – but I can attest to FB being like internet crack cocaine. No wonder the world economy is in a slump…we’re spending all our time on FB rather than working!!

    I do like the fact that I get updates from both you and right on my wall though! Saves me time so I can spend it….well…reading more sailing/cruiser/live aboard blogs.

  4. We live in a house in Punta Gorda, Fl (but hope to be in a boat in the not too distant future). Hurricane Charley provided us with an upclose look at a Category 4 storm. Yes, we have stories. Since that time, we have learned a lot that we didn’t previously know. I have a great deal of respect for the opinion of Dr. Jeff Masters on When storms are forming, you might want to include his site/blog in your infromation gathering. Good luck to us all this season.


    • Good call Chris. Wunderground is bookmarked in my toolbar. I went there almost daily on the trip south. I’ll amend the post to add it.

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