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Just a few random sights from the island of St. Kitts.

Thanks, St. Kitts!

Hello Wind Surf. This would make a nice Party Boat!

The crew of Wind Surf ferry passengers to shore in life rafts.

And off they go.

Size does matter!

We don’t discriminate. We even hang out with Trawler people.

So long Andy and Sharon. Thanks for the hospitality. FYI, you have way too much booze on board. 🙂

Another beautiful day on the water.

Rebecca takes us into the anchorage.

These 100’+ sailboats are everywhere!

It was nice and calm in Whitehouse Bay.

We knew there were monkeys on St. Kitts but weren’t expecting to see one along side the road.

It was a short walk to North Friar’s Bay on the windward side of the island.

OK, you win. I won’t swim here.

But we will still play in the water to cool off.

I’m getting pretty good at taking shots like this.

Mike + Rebecca = 🙂

Watch out for pirates!


  1. So glad you’ll hang with Trawler folk.

  2. Great photos guys! I absolutely love St. Kitts, great beach bars, great people and a lush beautiful island. If you haven’t done it yet do the Volcano hike. It’s a great experience.

    Not going to be around St. Thomas next weekend are you?

    • We’re actually leaving to hike the volcano in 20 minutes or so. As for St. Thomas, sorry but we won’t be there to hang out with you guys. I think we’ll likely be in Antigua.

  3. The only good thing about my comment today is that I Am in Best Buy playing with an iPad… Hope all is well!

  4. Hey again you two – looks like you are having way too much fun as usual. For what it’s worth, here is some brief Canadian news for you both. The Vancouver Canucks out here in our home province are currently the #1 team overall in the NHL at present. Maybe too early to tell, but this could be another serious run for the Cup again this year – watch out Boston! Go Canucks!!

    Great photos and a nice succinct synopsis of what St. Kitts may have in store for those of us that are destined to cruise out that way some time in the future. Thanks for the montage.

    s/v Mango Groove

  5. The self portrait is indeed a fine art.

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