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Video of our de-naming / re-naming ceremony. You can tell that Rebecca is not a big drinker. Good thing Neptune is!

I also just uploaded a new gallery of pics to our Facebook page titled Main Duck Island. I’m pretty sure you do not need to be a Facebook user to view them.


  1. Good stuff..Keep the videos coming…..When I pass on, will you say a little something at my funeral….I would like a $200.00 of champagne emptied around my casket toooooo!

  2. With two bottles of $200 champagne the gods should be happy!

  3. All I can think of is ‘what a waste of $400!!!’

  4. You don’t suppose that Neptune will pick up on that decimal point error in that claimed champagne price, do you?

  5. Pete & Suzanne Evans

    I just found you guys and I love your spirit! We’ve purchased our boat from Chip & Tammy who have Plodding to Paradise. Similar story as yours. We love your boat, our choice if we ever make the jump to cruise full time. Good luck to you guys. If you are ever going to be near Oriental, N.C., we would love to meet you!!!!

    • Thanks Pete and Suzanne!

      I am pretty sure that on the way south we do go through Oriental, NC. The name sounds familiar at least. Please keep in touch.

      • Pete & Suzanne Evans

        It’s a deal!!! Great place to anchor overnight is Matthews Point Marina. When you finally get closer, let us know!

        Love all your pictures. Gets our juices flowing to get out on the water!

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