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Our first meal in tropical Dominica was tuna sushi a la Rebecca. Just a few hours from ocean to table… it doesn’t get much more fresh than that!


  1. Yummy! We LOVE sushi… Looks awesome. Was the tuna hard to clean? Where on your boat did you clean it?


    • Rebecca cleans the fish and she is getting really good (fast) at it. We do find Tuna to be exceptionally bloody though. Dexter (from the TV series) would have had a field day in our cockpit, where the fish was cleaned.

  2. So I take it if CSI sprayed luminal and used a backlight on your cockpit…it would really glow something fierce eh?

  3. looks awesome……in all my searches online and on youtube, you never see pictures or a video of the whole process of catching, filleting and preparing the fish……hmmmmmmm

  4. Br right over!!!!

  5. Sorry guys you have not been eating tuna, they are skipjack very red, they would be better if when you caught on you tied a line around its tail then cut aroung the gill really good then hang overboad to bleed.

    • Skipjack, eh? We really need some better fish ID books!

      We did bleed the fish right after catching it although instead of overboard, we did it into a bucket.

      Nonetheless, it is tasty!

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