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Numerous reports on Facebook indicate that the cold weather will soon be upon our northern friends. If you’re one of those folks who can’t bear another winter filled with snow and slush, get your butt down here and buy our PDQ 32! As these photos indicate, she is Ready.To.Go!

Would you rather have this…

Or this…

Detailed specs are available here!


  1. That would be so FREAKIN’ awesome…
    with 2 kids in college, I just can swing it yet. A few years from now and I would be all over it. I just can’t imagine finding a better taken care of boat than ZTC after reading about all you do and have done to maintain and care for her.

    The right folks will come along. I can’t beleive that no one has snapped her up. With any other boat it seems that a buyer would need to be prepared to invest $$$ to make all the repairs and fixes that you have already completed!

  2. Hell no!
    I’m heading out in a month. Wish I could help on the sale of the PDQ. There is one next to me in the anchorage and it looks to be a great boat. I sold my Ericson 28 inside of two weeks up here, so that puts some $$ in the cruising budget. I priced it very attractively in order to move it.
    I won’t get as far south this year as you two are, but know I have been following you since the beginning and your experience is a big, big help.
    After getting screwed in the “sale” of my business, my new mantra is ‘it’ll work out, it is what it is’. Keeps me from getting too PO’d.
    Best success in the sale and future travels.

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