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We are very happy to finally be able to share the (beginning of the) story of ZTC’s new owners, Steve and Darla Clark. We have been honoring their desire for privacy for the past several months, but they finally came out yesterday with this revealing post on Facebook:

36 YEARS AGO TODAY Darla and I got married. Raised two wonderful sons, Conor and J Tyler, we’ve accomplished almost everything we set out to do. As far back as high school, we’ve both let work take priority over pleasure, no one can say we’ve not given 100% to our careers. Yet, it came at the expense of our personal lives, but, that was our choice.
2 years ago, unknown to most, Darla was faced with a potential life threatening issue that immensely changed the outlook of our lives. After a trip to Mayo (amazing staff and facility), we made the decision to take control of our lives and live for ourselves. Life changed for us almost overnight.
It’s taken 1.5 years of planning, frustration, fear and excitement, but today, 36 years later, we’ve simplified our lives and sold 99.9% of everything we own.
A year ago, we connected with a remarkable couple, Mike and Rebecca Sweeney, who back in 2008, started with a dream to “live their lives”. They began selling off everything, and little knowledge, bought and set sail from Canada to the Caribbean on a small catamaran.
This past February, we purchased their catamaran, Zero to Cruising ( She’s currently setting on the hard in Grenada, patiently waiting for us.
In 3 months we leave the states to live for ourselves as live-aboard’s in the Caribbean.
This is a small part of the story. Follow along on our journey.

We are extremely happy for Steve and Darla, who have, over the past 6 months, become good friends of ours. I know that they will take great care of our baby, and take her on many more exciting journeys!


  1. I’m a mono hull guy but that is a very nice looking boat. Could not have been easy to see her go. Going to a great couple though. Good luck to them!

  2. I am so happy for them!!

    and quite jealous… 🙂

  3. Congratulations to Steve and Darla!
    I am glad “ZTC” found a new family that needed her

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