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Culebra. Yes, with the next few days forecasted to have winds blowing 20-25 knots, with squalls 30-35, we have decided that hiding out in a protected bay on Culebra is probably the smart thing to do. And a few weather-imposed non-travel days are welcomed anyway; it’ll give us some time to explore. Yesterday we only made it as far as the “famous” Dinghy Dock Bar (I don’t really know how famous it is but one of our readers, John, did suggest that we go there). We’ll try to do a bit better on the exploration front today.

Anchored in Ensenada (cove) Honda.

The ferry dock in Dewey. We could see that as we made our approach to the entrance to the bay.

Some boats at anchor around us. We laughed because the Island Packet at the left front of this pic is named Chimayo. Every time our friends on Tsamaya (anchored just a couple of boats ahead of this one) talk to Chris Parker, the weather guy, he butchers their boat’s name, calling it Chimayo.

Approaching town.

This is a pretty splashy looking lift bridge!

John had this same pic on his blog too. And yes, it was closed then as well.

Tip for would-be cruisers: After you sell all your cars, bring your old license plates with you and give them to your favorite watering hole. Of course, you might need to cruise for an entire season to find out just where your favorite one is. You wouldn’t want to give them away prematurely!

And the pot of gold lies…?


  1. Full moon party at the Bomba Shack on Tortola should not be missed. The mushroom tea is special. I find no reason to go to St. Thomas at all. As nice as St. John is the BVIs have so many fun places. Willie Ts , Foxes, Sidneys Peace ans Love, Rymers in Cane Garden Bay, North Sound to name a few. I am sure you have read about them. Snorkeling at Monkey fist, Indians, The Baths. Take some time over there , you won’t be disapointed.

  2. Who is this John Dude? I was so excited to read your post about Culebra, now I am depressed….I want to be there again!! We pulled a mooring where the ferry dock is…..In November we were the only ones there……Have fun kids!

  3. I have to agree with Mr. Finger, there is MUCH in the BVI to see and do. Skip the US Virgins, you don’t need them, remember Puerto Rico as your American Carribean experience. And if you can catch the full moon at the Bomba Shack….DO IT!!!!!!!
    To make a decent course to St. Martin your going to leave from the top of the BVI anyway. This “IS” someplace you should spend some time be-bopping around. Much to see and do. Ya Mon! True!

      • You might find it crowded at the anchorages but it “is” one of the most popular charter cruising grounds in the world. Every little corner or island has a treat or a kick-ass bar for dancing in the sand.
        Not sure of when all your new rigging will be ready (nice) and I think your picking it up in St. Martin right? I’d stay in the Virgins playing and exploring till you know they are ready for you. Get the work done in St Martin, you’ll have time there to see what that island offers.

        • Crowded anchorages PLUS charter boats = possible excitement.

          We’re not sure where/when we will get our rigging sent to us. We’re hoping to pin that down soon. We will be installing it all though, not having a rigger do it. It’s just running rigging so I think it’s within our skill set to do so.

      • I guess it’s kind of cute that a reader is giving the ZTC crew advice on what to do in the Virgin Islands.

  4. You all have GOT to get to BVI on of these days…

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