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I could have written today’s post about how we spent all day yesterday trying to get our outboard engine running but to be honest, I get tired of writing about such topics. So instead, here are some pics from our recent trip to Cupecoy Beach.

Cupecoy lies on St. Martin’s SW coast, a bit further west than the famed Maho Beach at the end of the airport runway. It cost Rebecca and I a grand total of $2.00 each to take the public bus there. While perhaps not an “official” clothing-optional beach as the one in Orient Bay is, that doesn’t stop dozens of people from stripping down to work on their all-over tan. The beach is bordered by high stone cliffs and when the tide comes in, it breaks up the sand into various secluded little stretches.

With virtually no facilities to speak of, you shouldn’t go to Cupecoy Beach looking for a party. If you’d like to have a quiet day of sun and surf though, and a few naked people don’t freak you out, this might just be the perfect spot.

Click on the image above to see a much larger version of the panoramic shot.


  1. And I thought we were going to see a Playboy Spread……….False Advertising…LOL

  2. As I posted on your Facebook it is one of those beaches where the sand has a “here today, gone tomorrow, back the day after that” attitude. Depending on the tides and weather systems I have seen the beach with 10X the sand that shows in your pictures. Now my last visit was in the mid-90’s, just shortly after the final scenes of that Sandra Bullock classic Speed II had been filmed on the Marigot waterfront, but I suspect Mother Nature’s laws still apply. What I found convenient was the shelter that the little caves in the sandstone provided during one of those 5 minute afternoon showers. Being on the Dutch side, officially C/O is not allowed but I trust the actual enforcement is non-existent. We rotated between here and Plum and Rouge bays. Orient has turned into such a commercial zoo that unless we were specifically looking for one of its bars or restaurants it is to be avoided. Orient does have a guy who custom makes bikinis…everyone raves about him. (Luis, custom-made swimwear his stall is behind Baywatch)

  3. One of my favorite beaches. Love rounding those red cliffs to the open freedom of crystal water. #HatingyouinNJ

  4. My favorite Beach on the Island!!

    After a few attempts at various Clothing Optional Beaches, this is the Beach my wife felt most comfortable!! Enjoying the sand/water the way it was intended!!
    Can’t wait to return March 3rd

  5. With no pictures it never happened!

  6. You lucky kids. We have to wait three more months before we can do that up here. (Having such easy access to a CO beach like that must be something of a disincentive to actually fix the outboard… in our case it’s the opposite, you need the boat to get to the good sunning spots!)

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