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I have to admit it, for more than 6 months, we’ve been telling a bit of a fib. Or, at least, a partial truth. For months, as we sat stationary in Grenada, and now here in Martinique, we have been systematically selling all of our possessions. People would ask, “Why are you getting rid of everything?” We’d do our best to explain that, for a period of time, we owned two boats, and because the new one came full of things that we already owned, we ended up with duplicates and triplicates of many items. So, we were just cleaning house, trying to raise our waterline. Of course, trying to explain why we were selling our brand new life raft was a bit more difficult.

It was just a little fib

While the justification we shared was partially true – our new boat did come full of stuff – everyone can likely see now that we already had our bike plan in the works, and were simply getting rid of items that we knew would be unnecessary during this next chapter of our adventures. It’s kind of funny actually. Prospective cruisers work very hard to pare down their belongings so that they can fit what remains onto a boat. We did the same thing prior to leaving Canada, and the process took us months, and a lot of effort. Well, imagine being forced to carry everything that you own on a bicycle, and because you’ll be traveling up and down mountains, you want those bikes to be as light as possible. Yeah, we’re really selling all our stuff!

Sorry for the fib! 🙂

The fact is that the number of things we have with us here that we believe will be useful on our bike journey can fit into a small cupboard. In fact, that’s where we have it all stored. I’m also betting that when push comes to shove, a number of the items that we have saved won’t even make the cut. On the bright side, when it comes time to leave the Caribbean by plane, we won’t require a bunch of big suitcases.


  1. Are you guys going to sell Frost or keep her for a while as a back up plan?

  2. One of my favourite quotes…”The only things you can take with you when you leave this world are the things you’ve packed inside your heart”

  3. Mike & Rebecca
    having a good old clear out is a bit like a wildfire – necessary for future growth.
    I was very surprised to learn of your drastic change of plans but look forward to future readings of your exploits.
    Not selling Frost is heartening as you may consider some future water plans as you whiz up and down the mountains.
    At 66 I don’t think I’ll be following exactly in your footsteps but maybe by RV. I’m still enjoying cruising but you never know.
    How about the Mike & Rebecca reality TV show? I think it could be be very successful.
    Keep writing, you are a natural and I continue to marvel at your blogging determination.

    • Thanks, Mick!

      We’ll save the reality show for the “camels across the desert” adventure. Then again, that’s already been done too. 🙂

  4. Someone once said: “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.”

  5. I can just care for your boat while you bike.

  6. Any consideration given to off-road trailers for the bikes?

  7. I truly hope that your “little fib” is the full extent of the “drama” you have been alluding to and why you have not been moving! You are allowed some personal space even as an Internet sensation … You are forgiven!

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