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The day after we arrived in Bequia we cracked off our first hike on the island, making our way from our anchorage in Admiralty Bay to the far northern tip, Bequia Head. Given that the island is only 7 square miles, this wasn’t a super-long hike, only about 4 hours round trip. It was quite pleasant though with much of the trail shade covered. I have a feeling that today’s hike, to the top of Peggy’s Rock, will be a bit more challenging!


  1. Great photos! My favs were the tortoise and the forest pole dancing!!! 🙂

  2. If you guys have thought about getting scuba certified Bequi is a great place to do it. The diving is awesome! If you don’t want to get certified think about doing a resort course type dive at the bolders dive site. You end the dive right in front of moonhole. One of the best dives in the Caribbean IMHO. We loved Bequi, sorry we ever left!
    Ted and Rhonda

    • I think that if we do get certified we would do it in Grenada where we will be based for a few months. They have several outfits there who do training. We just had friends raving about the course they took in Carriacou though so that is another option.

  3. To follow up on Teds question…..would you find getting certified is worth the dives for the added space required to keep tanks and getting them filled or is snorkeling almost as good…..Have you ever looked into that scuba system that is based off of the compressor with like 50 feet of hose…

    • Getting certified to dive? Perhaps. Carrying our own tanks and gear? Unlikely. The exception might be to have a little pony tank (I think that’s what they’re called) to enable us to quickly dive down to fix a snagged anchor or some other such problem.

      As for a hookah, yeah, I have looked into them, and have several links saved. We have a few friends that have them and they use them for cleaning the boat bottom. With our shallow draft it’s hardly necessary though.

  4. Agreed. Tanks, no, but gear? Yes. I like having my own regulator. My BC actually weighs less than my reg, it is called a Cressi Air Travel. It weighs 5lbs and fits in a little bag.

    But then the bottom line is how much will you dive? We already had that conversation and answer was we would dive as much as you hike, all the time!

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