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What do normal people do during squally weather? I don’t know because apparently we’re not all that normal. The day before yesterday, as a strong rain squall came through, Rebecca and I were only part way through our TRX workout on the bow. Well, we couldn’t just stop without finishing it of course, so we just kept going, no doubt gathering some strange looks from our neighbors in the process.

Yesterday we decided to just ignore the threatening clouds and go for a run to the other side of the island. We were told it was about a 45 minute walk so we estimated it at a few miles. Now after having done it, I would agree on that distance. Someone should have pointed out to me though that there was a mountain in between where we started and our planned destination, Flamenco Beach! At least one of us (Rebecca) was happy about that.

Fortunately the rain held off until we arrived there and after a quick stroll down the beach, we were able to take shelter under some trees by the campground. Not up to jogging back up the big hills to get home (that’s me I’m referring to, not Rebecca), we started walking and hitchhiking. I don’t know what it is but we just don’t seem to have as much success hitchhiking as others seem to. Anyway, we did secure one ride which got us at least a portion of the way home. Coincidentally it was with a couple of young guys heading to the airport to return home, to Canada, to Ontario, to North Bay, which is only 2 hours from where Rebecca grew up. Weird.

Flamenco Beach is definitely going to require some more exploring and we may end up there later today with our swim suits, etc. This time we won’t be running there though.

More on the subject of running, Rebecca and I are looking forward to checking out was is called a Hash Run. Our friends Bill and Ana from m/v Knot Tide Down told us about them when we cruised with them back in the states. Apparently they “run” them every other week in Grenada.