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Remember the movie Dead Calm? I do. In fact, when I was snorkeling in Cuba on a past vacation and surfaced to see our dive boat motoring away from us, it was the first thing I thought of as panic started to set in. I know that’s not what happened in the movie but it’s still what I thought of!

Anyway, fears of being left behind aside, we just learned the other day that the boat which was featured in that movie is called Storm Vogel and it’s anchored not far from us in nearby Prickly Bay. A beautiful yacht and from what I’ve heard and read, a very fast one!


  1. One of my favorite movies….I guess that says something about me!

  2. Cool! Hope it’s still around to check out when we return. Any chance Nicole is around?

  3. The movie is a classic laugh riot for lots of delivery crew. It “is” a great movie but scenes like Nicole in the spreaders as the boat charges on looking for her husband, the husband “missing” the boat as it sails past brings rowdy laughter and director opinions. A great movie for a gathering of offshore sailors. And of course, there’s Nicole!

  4. Watching what our family calls “watery movies” with our daughter who has spent the last 10 years on and off sailing vessels is always enlightening. Like when she pointed out the lines pulling the boat in the movie Capt. Ron to starboard so it would look as if it was listing badly. Sadly one of the boats that she once worked on left a snorkeler at the reef just a few weeks ago. Lucky for that snorkeler, a competitor boat was still moored and he got a ride back into Key West with them. Unlucky for that entire crew on the boat that left him, they were all looking for work the next day.

  5. That’s one massive sun awning on Storm Vogel. I guess that’s nearly a necessity in the tropics if you’ve got that much brightwork to protect.

  6. My favorite movie of all time, even before I was a sailor! I researched the vessel, after I became a sailor, and was so glad you wrote that it was here! How cool! If you notice in the movie, there is rarely any background music track, only nature, that’s what adds to the creepiness. Too bad I’m stuck on land with no dinghy, I’d love to get up close!

    Don’t drink too much lemonade! Cheers!

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