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Thank you Santa for giving us the Wi-Fi connection to allow us to share these Christmas pics with our friends and family! They were all taken yesterday, Christmas Eve Day at our anchorage in “The Pond” at Norman’s Cay. This is our first real taste of the tropics and in my eyes, a positive omen for great things to come. Huge thanks to everyone who has helped us to get this far and also to those who have supported us along the way via this blog. Merry Christmas!

The only way into The Pond, looking at it from the inside.

Our Christmas anchorage.

Heading out exploring.

Man, this beach was shallow.

Hamming it up.

Heading back out.

One of 3 caves we spotted on the way in.

We set (threw out actually) a stern anchor to stop our dinghy from swinging into the sharp rocks.

I love exploring caves.

This cave sadly didn’t go in too far.

Cave #2

The range we were supposed to follow to stay in the channel.

A barbecue cover for a range marker? Come on! It’s no wonder we didn’t see it on the way in.

One of many awesome beaches here.

We beached the dinghy again to go exploring.

Is Rebecca in pole dancing withdrawal…

… or just inspired from our watching Kung Fu Panda last night? Hi Ya!!!

Playing in the sand.

Where conch come to die!

Live conch were everywhere too. It’s obvious not many people come here!

Our first attempt at cleaning conch.

Yes, we’re white belts at this, but we got it done.

Our Christmas Eve sunset… magical!


  1. Awesome Guys….Merry Christmas and thank you for sharing your story with all of us…..We look forward to traveling with you in 2011……

  2. Take your conch to the beach to clean, the sand is great for removing the slime from tools and yourselfs afterwards, Merry Christmas

  3. Mike and Rebecca- Great pictures. Am wondering where the Wi Fi connection comes from and what kind of booster set up you have on ZTC. Also what your plans are over the next few months. Have enjoyed your journey. Smooth sailing – Bill

  4. You have “arrived”! I am so happy for you guys, truly! Savor it!

  5. Merry Christmas to you both!!

    It’s so exciting to see you finally in paradise and it’s been great to virtually ‘go along’ with you this past year. The next year will be one adventure after another and I am looking forward to reading all about it. Thank you!

  6. Thanks for sharing your wonderful exploring trip and your cruising all these months. We look forward to 2011! 6-10 inches of snow coming our way! Enjoy the warm weather!

  7. Merry Christmas down there!

  8. Love following your adventures. We are still in the dreaming phase. Are you going to Junkanoo in Nassau on the first? Have a very Happy New Cruising Year.

    • Hi Ken and Cathy

      We just read about Junkanoo when we passed through Nassau. Even though it sounds cool, I doubt we will head back that way (it’s the wrong direction). Hopefully we can find something else fun to do for New Years.

  9. Congratulations on your progress, It’s not just a crossing or some purchase. It’s a total change of life again Bravo to make that change. keep up the blog it keep us inspired.

  10. Congrats! We crossed to the Bahamas our first time exactly 1 year ago tomorrow. Can still hear the kids screaming after 4 months of tea-colored water on the way down from Loyalist Cove in Bath. Just an observation, I think you may have found so many conch because they appear to be very under-sized. I am pretty sure they have to have a defined lip, which usually puts them quite a few inches larger than what you caught. Just a head’s up, maybe we got some bad info, but might be worthwhile confirming with some others down there.

  11. Merry Christmas, Mike and Rebecca! I remember last year reading about your Christmas in the apartment while ZTC (Katana back then!) was on the hard. Can you believe it’s only been a year? What a wonderful lifestyle change, and how generous of you to share it with the rest of us! Take care, and enjoy!

  12. What a wonderful place to be for Christmas. You guys are an inspiration. We’re hoping to go from zero to liveaboard this year (and some day cruising). Looking forward to reading more in 2011.

  13. My mother gave me a fantastic Cutco Fisherman’s Solution knife for Christmas (extra sharp and deadly). I was so stinking excited that when we got home tonight I whipped it out and demonstrated its wonderful features for Hans, who I’ll admit, kept a safe distance away from me.
    I couldn’t help but notice that Rebecca is the knife wielder in your relationship.
    Wise men let their wives handle the knives!!
    But what I really want to know is how you ended up preparing your catch.
    BTW, great pictures!

    • Actually, I am really the “knife guy” in our family, but Rebecca did start the whole conch-maiming process. We ended up swapping jobs and I looked after the shell eviction while she took care of the dissection. As for the recipe, I’ll have to ask her.

  14. Looks like an awesome Christmas, and an even better New Year to come. So, what did you think about the taste of the conch? Was it good? Love the pictures!

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