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I mentioned yesterday that, along with the autopilot belts, we had several other packages shipped to California for us to pick up when we visited there. Among those other items was a Pres-N-Snap tool from Sailrite. While not inexpensive, this is a valuable tool on a boat as almost all vessels have at least some canvas work or cushions which are kept secure by snap fittings. These snaps do not last forever and this tool is the best way that we have found to replace them.

Up until this point we were able to borrow our friends’ Pres-N-Snap tool to fix snaps which had broken off. Now that they’re no longer traveling with us, we figured that we’d better get our own. We were fortunate in that, when we ordered ours just before Christmas, the tool was on sale. It still wasn’t cheap but it was a lot better than paying full price.

The black case under the tool, which fits it perfectly, is actually an old CD case that we happened to have on board. No one uses CDs anymore, do they?

In other news, one of the newspaper stories that I had mentioned before has made it into print. It’ll be tough to read the text from the image below though. Sorry.


  1. Better than a hammer and a block of wood! Have you seen or used SNAD’s by YKK (Sailrite sell them)?

    • The same friend who lent us the tool might have had some. Or perhaps someone just posted on here about them. Either way, I am familiar with them but have not used them.

  2. If ever there was the RIGHT tool for a job, this is it. Just used ours this morning.
    And yes, we have the SNADs all over the boat. Another nice invention; fewer holes drilled.

  3. Thank you. We shall invest in one of these.

  4. See also this new set of dies from Sailrite that allows you to set snaps using a standard rivet gun. One advantage: there is no limitation as to how far from an edge a snap can be set.

    s/v Eolian

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