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Our tenth charter this season turned out to be an extremely fun one. Not only were we blessed with a very easy-to-please family, we got to travel with our friends Ed and Kathy on the catamaran Elixir, our Buddy Boat for the week.

We had a full seven nights with the Nicol family, and their friends on Elixir, which meant we had plenty of time to hit all of the hot spots. As there’s so much to do there, we spent a full two nights in the North Sound on Virgin Gorda. That extra time allowed our guests to visit the famous Baths, complete an island tour, take part in Michael Beans’ Happy Arrr show, and see the fish feeding at Saba Rock. The North Sound is also a great place for hiking, swimming, snorkeling and watersports, and our guests were able to enjoy all of that too!

As you scan through the following pics, check out the smiles on our guests’ faces…