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If you follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram, you’ve likely already seen most of these photos. If not, here are a few snapshots from our 26-hour passage from St. Anne, Martinique to St. Georges, Grenada.

At the time this Navionics screen capture was taken, we were still sailing, and making great progress. Alas, as always happens, the wind completely died in the shadow of the Pitons.

“Knowledge is being aware that the wind always dies by the Pitons; wisdom is realizing that you should just turn on the engine(s) and get by them!” — Mike Sweeney

This ship looked a LOT bigger in real life!

Shaft alternator + Wind generator + Solar panels = Full batteries!

St. Vincent’s mountains are always always hidden in clouds.

We had this rainbow on our port side, and a beautiful setting sun to starboard.

The north end of Grenada. Soon to lose our wind again.

After anchoring and getting the boat squared away, we headed to shore to clear customs.
We’re now legal once again!


  1. Well done. Nice pics thank-you. It looks as though you had a very calm trip. You are now back among friends so I expect you will be running all over the place and drinking lots of beer this week-end.

    Enjoy yourselves, of course!


  2. I like that shaft DC generator. It will pay big dividends when sailing downwind.

  3. Nice pictures. Nice to have a blue water boat – strong, gentle motion and set up for varying wind conditions.

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