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Funny story: Several weeks ago I received a message from one of our blog readers, Ross, telling us that he was going to be in the Grenada area, chartering a boat, and that he’d like to get together with us when he was here. We agreed to keep in touch, and to try to hook up for a drink.

Last week our buddy Chris* from LTD Sailing was doing a pre-charter chart briefing for Sunsail/Moorings, something he does for them from time to time to help out. During the course of that meeting, Chris learned that while in Grenada, the charterer, you might have guessed it, Ross, was hoping to hook up with some “friends” of his. When Chris heard that the friends were tied up at Spice Island Marine, having their rigging replaced, he put two and two together, Ross was speaking about us!

  • If you remember, Chris and Chrystal were the people that we had been living with for far too long! This was quite the coincidence.

This morning, Rebecca and I were finally able to connect with Ross, and we had a very nice visit on our boat, sharing stories and chatting about boating stuff. He is going to be on island for a few more days, so we shared some of the local knowledge that we’ve acquired since we’ve been coming here. Just before Ross left to allow us to get on with our work, he presented us with a nice bottle of champagne which, as you know, will come in handy when we get around to conducting our renaming ceremony.

Ross, if you’re reading this, thank you again. That was a fantastic start to our day!


  1. Nice! The positive rewards always seem to outweigh the negatives in life, IMO!

  2. Wonderfull story. It looks like you are having a great time. Enjoy the bubbles….

  3. Small island, small world!

  4. Seems like the cruising world is a small one. Everyone knows everyone apparently!

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