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If you’re reading this page there’s a good chance that you don’t fit into this category but I think that most people are truly unaware of how unique a vacation on a crewed catamaran can be. In addition to having significant control over the itinerary and the destinations that we travel to, our guests also have a huge say in the food and beverage menu that we offer. As an example, this particular charter, our last of the season, had one member who required a gluten-free diet. Being quite familiar with this as she has a family member who suffers from celiac disease, Rebecca had no problem tailoring the menu to accommodate this. Yes, it required a bit of extra work and special provisioning but that’s what we do, offer custom vacations!

We had a great week traveling with the Carlson group and we took them to all of the BVI hot spots. They had plenty of opportunity to swim, snorkel, hike, sail, explore and play. Although there was some unpleasantness out in the Atlantic, later to be named Tropical Storm Bertha, the weather remained perfect for our guests until well after they departed from One Love.

Every charter crew hopes to have guests that are both drama free and low maintenance. I think that we’ve been extremely fortunate in that every group we’ve had join us this season fits well inside that category. This includes the Carlson group, and for that we’re very appreciative. We’re also very fortunate to have made so many new friends during this season’s 16 charters. Rebecca and I enjoy staying in touch with many of our guests through Facebook and other social media sites. Hopefully we’ll see a number of them join us again in the not-too-distant future. One Love!

“Gluten free menu above & beyond expectations – much appreciated for extra consideration.” — Steve C

“LOVED the spots we went to. Snorkeling was unbelievable, hikes had incredible views.” — Emma N

“Rebecca did an amazing job of providing gluten-free meals that tasted great and didn’t allow us to miss anything.” — Kim C

“My first catamaran experience! It was more than what I could ask for. Thank you.” — Kurtis S


  1. Congratulations on a great season

  2. Congratulations almost seems inappropriate. From the very beginning both of you and Michael (owner) took One Love by the horns and kicked ass. Sixteen charters on a first year must be some kind of record, or as damn near one as you can get.
    No doubt, many of us who have been following along on the ZTC network are not really ‘surprised’, we were just waiting for the final tally. Bravo to you and your owner for a great first showing!

  3. Ken is right what a superlative job you have done for the first year. Kudos all around!

    D & Don

  4. whilst reading your awesome blog, this song was playing on my pandora station, seemed pretty fitting…

    Upside Down by Jack Johnson..

    …And as the surface breaks reflections fade
    But in some ways they remain the same
    and in my mind begins to spread it’s wings
    There’s no stopping curiosity

    I want to turn the whole thing upside down
    I’ll find the things they say just can’t be found
    I’ll share this love I find with everyone
    We’ll sing and dance to Mother nature’s Songs
    I don’t want this feeling to go away..

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