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While a number of our friends are now participating in the BVI charter boat show (good luck, guys!), our plans today involve a minimum amount of work and a maximum amount of relaxation and fun. We plan to soon raise anchor and visit nearby Buck Island to snorkel with the turtles. After that we’re going to move over to Brewers Bay, an anchorage that we all have yet to visit.

Click on the image above to load a larger version of the chart in a separate window.


  1. You guys deserve the time off! Its good to remind yourselves every now and then why you are in the islands!

    Kind regards,
    Wiley Sharp
    Denison Yacht Sales
    561 613 8985

  2. Hey Mike,

    Just a note: I was cruising thru some of your links, and since I was research wind and solar venders, clicked on this link that I guess not longer exists on your RESEARCH link:

    BOTC Wind and Solar

    Totally an FYI!


  3. I’m surprised you decided not to do the BVI show since you are BVI flagged. Are they simply the same brokers?

    Thanks for the chartlet. That is a good clear one and prints well. Saves me loading Navionics to look for myself – lazy me 🙂

    Have a happy snorkel!


  4. DANG! The shop I’m working with dive there pretty regularly. We went off Little St. James though today. I’ll keep my eye out for you.

  5. Mike,
    What charting program are you using? I don’t recognize it. Thanks.

  6. You are so totally in our stomping grounds with Mowzer normally sailing out of Frenchtown marina with CYOA. We love Brewer’s Bay for a first or last night when we come down as it’s so close but away from the noise and bustle of Charlotte Amalie harbour. Sunset with the cruise ships heading west and the last of the flights coming in is always entertaining.

    • It was pretty, that’s for sure. I did think the water would be a bit more clear. It seemed a bit kicked up. Perhaps that’s just the weather lately that was causing that.

  7. MIKE – you might check out Honeymoon Bay beside Water Island to see if they still do the ‘drive-in” movies on Monday nights on the beach. Two king size sheets strung between two palm trees does the trick for the screen. Locals drive up in their golf carts. A gal had great hamburgers for sale there and we brought our own popcorn and drinks. Enjoy!

    D & Don

  8. WOW! One Love looks great you guys!

    It took a lot of work but she sure looks good.

    One day, we (Lisa and I) hope to charter with you. I have leaned so much just from reading your blog. I though I knew a good bit about boats but you have learned to to overcome so many things. Keep up the good work!


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