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I’m a day late in mentioning that Rebecca and I reached our 500th day cruising milestone. Unfortunately we weren’t together to celebrate it. ๐Ÿ™ Does this mean that we have to wait for another biggie, for example our two year anniversary, before we can have a party?


  1. Congrats guys!! It’s funny – after being together 24/7 for a year, Scott and I were apart for his birthday, finding out we are pregnant, our first anniversary and we’ll also be apart for Christmas!! Nutso!!

  2. Wait for a party … nah! Rebecca’s homecoming sounds like a great excuse!

  3. You are so in trouble for sending Rebecca off during this momentous occasion!

    Congrats though! Good Milestone.

  4. No!

    Just get yourself in practice, then you can have a REALY BIG party when she comes back.



  5. Mike, any of the following are 100% legitimate reasons for a party:
    – Milestone day is a prime number (you have 503, 509 and 521 coming up)
    – First or last night for a guest (applies to you soon)
    – Second or last night in a port (the first night after passage, you want to sleep)
    – Thursday
    – Rate of change of barometric pressure is positive
    – Something on your boat got fixed
    – Something on a neighbouring boat got fixed
    – Any of the above apply to a boat anchored within 400 m of you
    You get the idea…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. I agree with Matt, and also dont feel too bad, I think from an astronomical point of view, 500 days is not as significant as moon cycles, years, solstices, etc. Based on some tricky math, I think two years is right around the corner somewhere…

  7. So, who said you had to have the party on the exqact date? Have it when she gets home, and you will have a LOT of reasons to party!

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