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It’s been a busy, busy few days here in Grenada. Immediately after Aurora and Dennis left to return home, Rebecca and I paid our beloved PDQ 32 a visit to give her some TLC. She was cleaned up, checked over, and then, eager for a change of scenery, splashed (launched).

After hitting the water, we moved her from St. Davids to Clarks Court Bay where she was re-hauled at the new Clarks Court Bay Boatyard. With only a double-reefed main and the small jib set, we made quick work of that trip, motor sailing downwind (with one engine running at half revs), sometimes surfing at over 10 knots!

As one might expect, after her extended rest, this move did not go without at least a tiny bit of drama. Understandably, the engines were not all that happy about running on the old gasoline. The carbs didn’t like the old fuel, requiring them to be cleaned. Palm Tree Marine was on hand to help with that. Once on shore at CCB, we also drained all of the old gasoline out of the tank and lines. In retrospect, we should have done that first! Oh well.

Even though she’d no doubt prefer to go sailing, ZTC has, once again, been laid up, although this time with a view of the water. The sails and running rigging have all been removed and stored inside the boat, and the interior has been wiped down with a vinegar solution to prevent mold. The dodger has been removed and also stored inside, and all of the windows, ports, and hatches have been blocked off with tinfoil to prevent UV damage to the interior.

How long will she remain in this state? That is an excellent question! 🙂

Note: Special thanks to our friends Chris and Chrystal from LTD Sailing who lent us their vehicle for the past week while they were sailing off island. If you’re looking for excellent ASA certified sail training classes, these are the guys!


  1. Hope you use Stabil or an equivalent gas stabilizer. We use it in the motorcycles when we store them for the winter. I also use an octane booster with last years gas. No problems yet (fingers crossed). I’m curious to see if you guys have had any interest in ZTC? It’s a fine boat for the islands there. I’m surprised it’s not yet sold. Best of luck with the sale. I’m trying to sell a 1982 Harley FLT. Only $6,000! Canadian at that!

  2. I just read you last posts Mike and can see you guys definitely have some interest in the boat. Good luck.

  3. Your real mistake was not getting rid of all that gas long ago and not draining the carbs dry.

    I have made that mistake a few times. My current Mercury outboard has finally convinced me not to ever do gain. Curiously, I have a lawn mower that has lasted 12 years and I have never drained the gas or cleaned the carb. Outboards are a really picky. Drain and get rid of gas – anything beyond 3 months.

  4. What is the vinegar solution? I could use that when my jeep is in winter storage.

  5. Mike,
    Can you comment publicly about why you moved? Something more than the obvious “better, less expensive?” Is this now your recommended boatyard/marina?

  6. Just curious, what is the max beam the new Clark’s Court lift can handle? Thx.

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