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For some strange reason, yesterday was a hugely popular day for events in Grenada. There was the Rum and Beer Festival that our friend Carl was involved with, a fitness expo and a nutmeg festival. In addition to all of those, there was also a Tag Team Triathlon that Rebecca was competing in.

Grenada has a fairly organized triathlon team, headed up by our friend Marc Decaul, and this event was organized by them. Pairs of competitors, one male and one female, both completed a sprint-distance swim, bike and run. The women went first and after completing all three events, tagged their male partner who then had to either make up ground or hold the lead.

To make it a bit more fair for people who wanted to participate, the members of the Grenadian triathlon team were forbidden from partnering up with one another for the event. This made for a fair bit of strategizing between them when it came to partner selection. Rebecca ended up partnered with Marc and together they came in 3rd place behind some competitors from Trinidad who travelled to the island to participate.

The event was well run and a lot of fun, both for the competitors and the spectators. As always, I am super proud of my wife; she did a great job!


  1. good job looks like a lot of fun

  2. Well done Rebecca!

  3. Give me congrats to Rebecca.. From all the blogs I read, the cruising community is always having organized events. All the events sound like a lot of fun!

    • Rebecca reads all these comments so there’s no need for me to pass along your congratulations.

      As for cruisers organizing events, in certain spots where cruisers remain for extended periods, this is certainly true. None of the events I mentioned today though were “cruiser” events. They were 100% organized by Grenadians.

  4. Congrats Rebecca and Marc! This was a fun event and we enjoyed cheering from the sidelines.
    Kirk & Donna

  5. Awesome!! Congratulations, Rebecca!!!

  6. Rum and Beer Festival looks more my speed. Saw plenty of the Ironman triathlons World Champship when I lived in Hawaii. Looks painful.


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