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With an extra day between charters you would think that Rebecca and I would have been just chillin’ yesterday but unfortunately, that was not to be. We instead spent the entire day catching up on maintenance, small repairs and organizing the boat. As we pick up our next set of guests tomorrow at 9:00 AM, today we’ll be in full-on cleaning mode. The views here on the dock aren’t quite as stellar as they are when we’re out at anchor so I’ve included a few short video clips taken over the last week or so to tide you over until we get back out there. Enjoy.


  1. Love the spotted Eagle Ray! They have always fasinated me for some reason.

  2. Thought we would throw a little joy and happiness your way.

    We have traveled extensively using conventional methods and are inspired by other travelers to keep going.

    We are planning to start a sailing travel adventure in November and are busy prepping now. We hope to set sail soon.

    Mark and Cindy
    s/v Cream Puff

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