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They say that the island of Antigua has 365 beaches, one for every day of the year. We’re looking forward to checking out at least a few of them in the near future because Antigua is where we’re heading towards today. Yesterday, we cleared out of St. Kitts and moved our boat south to Majors Bay, staging for an early morning departure. Let’s hope the wind and waves cooperate to make this 45 mile passage an enjoyable one. And let’s not forget the fish!

Speaking of beaches, 1 year ago today we were hanging out with some friends at Volleyball Beach in Georgetown, Exuma. Our friends Kirk and Donna are there right now. We sure hope they’re enjoying the place as much as we did.


  1. M&R, don’t know if we CAN enjoy a place as much as you guys can but we are having a great time here. Ready to move south though. Hope to start moving in your direction around Feb 1.

  2. I’m happy that You show the charts!

  3. Hey Mike and Rebecca!

    I am going on an eco-kayak trip next week and we leave from George Town, Exuma. If your friends see us paddling by, tell them to holler at us and throw Rum our way!

  4. Antigua looks like a navigational nightmare!


  5. If you rent a jeep for the day you can see just about the whole island. Driving on the left is fun too. The whole Jolly Harbor region used to be absolutely empty except for the ruins of the leper colony in my old days on the island. The times they are a changing. Back then, few people even anchored in Falmouth Harbor, it was a fisherman’s dock, most all the yachts were in English Harbor.

  6. Hey guys.. talking about fishing! this may be a silly question. but do you guys fish? if so can we get some fishing pictures of what you’re eating. do you cook it. How do u cook it?

    I plan on setting a sail in 3 years and LOVE fish.. looking forward to fishing on the waters.

    • Do we fish? Yes.
      Do we catch? Seldom.

      We did actually recently land a small tuna back in St. Kitts. It was so small though that I didn’t even bother taking a photo of it for the blog. It was tasty though. Rebecca filleted it and cooked it up for dinner with some rice and veggies. Wish we could do that every day. We were really hoping to land a Mahi Mahi on the sail to Antigua. Although we had a line out during the entire trip we got skunked.

  7. 365 beaches .. looking forward to seeing them through your eyes. We’ve seen pictures of Antigua and it looks gorgeous! Hope you have a great passage there!

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