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Further to our attempts at balancing the energy-budget equations, we decided to pony up some more cash (Paypal virtual cash to be more exact) for some low-draw LED lighting. I mentioned in a previous comment how I had read some very unsatisfactory reviews of a particular brand’s offerings of LED replacement bulbs. On the other end of the satisfaction scale is Bebi Electronics, who are located in Fiji. Virtually everything I have read about this company and their products has been positive. Their quality is supposed to be excellent, their prices are fair and they offer a lifetime warrantee! How can you beat that?

Although I have yet to handle any of their lights I can tell you that their company rep. Michael, who sent me a personalized email within minutes of receiving my order, is on the ball! And get this… they charge flat rate shipping of $6.50 from Fiji! I don’t know how that is even possible but it sure sets the bar high for any of their competitors. We ordered an Owl replacement for our masthead anchor light, and a similar backup (or primary) anchor light which we will hang nearer to deck level. Both of these were ordered with photocells so that we don’t have to manually turn them on. We also order three of their interior strip lights to replace the stock fluorescents inside Katana. Hopefully this will stop those amps from flying away quite so freely!


  1. What exactly did you buy Mike? I am the quintsential (sp?) frugal sailor…..

    • 1 – Light Sensing Owl (250mm pigtail wire leads) – US$ 36.00

      I intend to put this inside the series 25 anchor light fixture.

      1 – Light Sensing Lulu Kaukaua with 8 meter cable & CIGARETTE PLUG – US$ 43.00

      To be used as backup or primary anchor light, depending on conditions.

      3 – Fautasi Vevela (Warm White) Toggle SWITCHED & 3 Position Dimmer – US$ 54.00

      To be installed in galley, main salon and nav area. These are really the only lights we typically would turn on for more than a minute or two.

      And it is only 6.50 to ship all that!

  2. Thank you Mike…great links….A

  3. Heh – my old home country is Fiji, I was born there!

    Let’s see how long it takes for them to arrive!

    • Nice!

      If all we ordered were stock items they would have probably already shipped. One item we ordered with a longer-than-stock cable though so I understand that would have delayed it a few days. Unfortunately, they told me they are out of stock on the dimmer switch for the interior lights and won’t have them for a couple of weeks. I told them not to worry about it and that as long as I had the lights by April 1st I would be happy.

  4. Mike,

    Please be sure to give us an update one you get these installed and working….



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