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Sorry to all those searching for Madonna songs. This post isn’t going to be about the Madonna – Timberlake hit “4 Minutes to Save the World”, although I do enjoy that song. The 4 minutes I was referring to was the length of time I was able to tread water during my swimming lesson yesterday. Four minutes may not seem like a long time for you accomplished swimmers but it seemed like a very long time to me! I have managed to increase the time I can tread water by 1 minute each week. If I can keep that up, by next summer I should be able to do it for half an hour. Hopefully that will be sufficient time for Rebecca to turn the boat around and come and get me if I fall overboard!

Unlike me, Rebecca can tread water for a very long time!

On a different topic, I finally took some action and ordered the full version of GPSNavX that I wrote about before. I also ordered the two stupid cables that I need to connect our Garmin 76Cx GPS to our laptop. I ordered one of the cables from our local Mac dealer and the other one online.

The above screen capture is of Oswego Harbor, where I believe we head after crossing Lake Ontario, on our way down south.

I have been busy downloading some charts, including the one pictured above, to use with the application from the NOAA website. Those nice Americans have all of the charts for the US waters, including the Great Lakes, online for free download! Too bad the charts for the Caribbean aren’t so easily acquired.

OK, if the Madonna fans were patient enough to read all that boring stuff, they can now watch the video…

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  1. I was able to tread water for 10 full minutes today. This totally throws off my idea of adding one minute per week. I need to be careful to not set the bar too high!

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