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Spice up your plank holds by adding one or two of these combinations into each of your workout routines!

Once you are able to hold a plank position properly, you may find them to get a bit boring. The plank, however, is a much more effective exercise for helping to build up the muscles that make up your core than doing other so-called ab movements like crunches or sit-ups .

Are you able to hold a plank properly?

To be sure you are doing a basic plank with good form before trying any of the combinations, take note of the following:

  • Body should be in line from your head to your ankles — pull your belly in and avoid letting your back sag down
  • Hands/elbows should be shoulder width apart and directly beneath your shoulders — Avoid letting your shoulders shrug up to your ears
  • Keep your head in a neutral position — Your head should not be drooping down or be lifted too far up
  • Glutes should be squeezed and tailbone tucked
  • Press your heels back
  • Flex your quads and lock your knees

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